The Buraku Issue.

Greetings from Japan. This website is about the Buraku issue, and related topics. Buraku are where Burakumin live together. According to a government survey, there are approximately 4,200 Buraku throughout Japan, with a combined population of around one million. There are some that deny discrimination against these people. However, the US Department of State’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016 said that “Buraku advocacy groups continued to report that despite socioeconomic improvements achieved by many Buraku, widespread discrimination persisted in employment, marriage, housing, and property assessment.” More, that Report cited from the UN Human Rights Committee, “widespread racial discourse against members of minority groups, such as Koreans, Chinese, or Burakumin, inciting hatred and discrimination against them,”. Is short, discrimination is still a serious social issue in Japan’s Buraku. This website attempts to show the reality of discrimination, and examine theoretical issues of Buraku studies.

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